About Anil Agrawal

Anil Agrawal helps businesses (SMBs) get more customers and clients using Facebook Ads, Conversational (ChatBots, Messenger, SMS) Marketing, Email Marketing Automation.

Combining his leadership and productivity experience and knowledge, Anil uses a focused approach in everything he does. He uses no-nonsense no-fluff approach in taking care of his clients with honesty and integrity.

Also, Anil has worked with up to 8-figure businesses including heavy equipment retail and online stores as well as Restaurant owners, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, fast-food places etc.

Anil has 35+ years of engineering background that gives him analytical, logical, and troubleshooting skills to apply towards marketing automation and integrations. He uses various tech tools like Zapier, Twilio, Google Sheets, PlusThis, PieSync, Drip, ManyChat, Drift to name a few. Anil also uses segmentation and personalization strategies to get more engagement and conversions for his clients.

Following are some of Anil’s credentials:

Therefore, his clients save a ton of time and get high revenue growth fast without technology headaches or wasting time and money.