Encharge Email Marketing Automation

A comprehensive email marketing automation online course that teaches you advanced strategies and techniques to help you grow your business. Self-paced, no-fluff, and jam-packed video tutorials. Track. Segment. Pitch. Profit!

Anil knows his stuff when it comes to automation. He helped me think through a pretty challenging workflow for an email campaign. He continues to be the first person I think of anytime I need to take my automations to the next level. I recommend him highly.
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Jason Brubaker
Vice President

What's Included in Encharge Email Course?

  • Account Settings

  • Email Settings

  • Website Tracking

  • Form Tracking

  • Importing People

  • Overall Strategy

  • Encharge People Records

  • Tags and Custom Fields

  • Tags for Events

  • Encharge Liquid Templating Merge Tags

  • Handling New Subscribers

  • Segmentation Strategy

  • Lead Scoring

  • Behavior-Based Segmentation

  • Opt-in Forms

  • Surveys

  • Dynamic CTAs

  • Lead Magnet Followups

  • Email Courses

  • Pitching To New Subscribers

  • Creating Elastic Emails

  • Offer Funnel (Linear)

  • Offer Funnel (Non-Linear)

  • Hyper Personalization Automation (1)

  • How To Create Trigger Links in Encharge

NOTE: Modules and lessons are subject to change without notice.

Anil is amazing at what he does! I have known him for about a year now and always amazed at his work and his knowledge. Anil Agrawal thank you for always sharing your wisdom with us on automation and productivity.
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Liad Maccabi

TL; DR: What's Included in Encharge Email Course?

I recently had the opportunity to work with and get to know Anil. So glad I did. He is a wealth of knowledge and brings a high-level of enthusiasm.
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Michael Haas
Internet Marketing Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This course is for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and whoever else running an online business who signed up for Encharge service or have been thinking of moving from their current Email Service Provider (ESP) to Encharge and/or want to automate their email marketing so that they can save more time and generate more revenue for their business by segmenting their audience (email list) and pitching the right products and services at the right time.

This course is NOT for people who:

  • Don’t intend to use Encharge.
  • Not serious about email marketing automation that Encharge is capable of.
  • Don’t want or intend to do the work to implement what’s covered.
  • Are looking for DFY (Done-For-You) service.
  • Are looking for Encharge consultation and/or coaching.
  • Are looking for FREE content.
  • Are looking for a replacement of official Encharge Support.

You are more than welcome to peruse all the free content available out there prior to deciding on enrolling in this course.

I have poured my experience working with clients and the knowledge I have gained over the last 5+ years by investing my own money, time, and efforts learning from the top experts in this field.

If you feel that you can manage with all the free content out there, please do not purchase or enroll in this course.

Contact Encharge Support directly for any Encharge™ support you might need. This course is not affiliated with Encharge™. Encharge™ support is NOT included. 

No, this course does NOT include any coaching or consultation.

This course does NOT include any custom Flows like Webinar Registration. Some Flows may be included as part of course lessons where appropriate and may be available over time and may not necessarily be available when you sign up. 

This course does include several advanced techniques and strategies, though.

If you have taken courses like Mastering Drip or Mastering ConvertKit from Brennan Dunn, please do NOT purchase this course as the strategies and techniques covered in this course are pretty much the same. Most likely, you will not find much new or different content.

Due to the nature of this course being a digital product, there will NOT be any refund. If you have any questions whether this course might benefit you or not, contact the instructor, Anil Agrawal, at anil[at]MarketingAutomation[dot]com prior to enrolling in or purchasing the course.

Anil is the MAN. He is a dedicated and positive coach, and will help you get results. Highly recommended!
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Tim Berman
Owner & Growth Evangelist at Big Red's Equipment Sales

Sneak Peek of Inside the Encharge Email Course

Get Rid Of Overwhelm And Level Up Your Email Marketing.

Get Instant Access Now!

Incredibly knowledgeable and extremely helpful. If you’re looking to setup some bespoke automated marketing, look no further.
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Mike Hancock

Advanced Email Marketing Automation Using Encharge

Lifetime Access | "Launch Price": $297. DON'T Pay Regular Price!
$ 1497 Launch Price: $297 ONLY!
  • DON'T Pay Full Price! Get it at Crazy Low "Beta Launch" Price
  • 5+ Hours of Video Tutorials
  • 7 Modules
  • 20+ Lessons
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group (Students only)
  • All future updates
  • Lifetime Access
Beta Launch

Advanced Email Marketing Automation Using Encharge

Lifetime Access | "Launch Price": $297. DON'T Pay Regular Price!

$1497 $ 297
  • DON'T Pay Full Price! Get it at Crazy Low Launch Price
  • 5+ Hours of Video Tutorials
  • 7 Modules
  • 20+ Lessons
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group (Students Only)
  • All Future Updates
  • Lifetime Access

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